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Get your UAE Freelance Visa and Start your Professional Freelance Career

Do you want to start your Freelance Career in the UAE? Well, you need UAE Freelance Visa first. We at Ascentia Corporate Services have helped many Freelancers get a UAE Freelance Visa with minimum hassle so they focus on their Freelance working strategy rather than messing up with lengthy Freelance Visa processes.

In the UAE, you can qualify as a freelancer in several industries, including tech, education, media, IT, Counseling, client services, etc.
Those who do not have a family or a spouse to support them can also apply for a UAE freelance visa. We at Ascentia Corporate Services provide you with freelance visa services, which is basically a residency license that allows an individual to live and work in the emirate and is renewed every three years.

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Documents for Freelance Visa in UAE

Important Documents Required to get a UAE Freelance Visa are: a passport copy, a visa copy (valid for 8 months), a resume or CV, a bank reference letter, a recent photograph, and a NOC from your UAE sponsor. Please keep in mind that if you are applying in the field of education, you must provide proof of academic qualification verified by the UAE Consulate in your home country or the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also entitles you to work for organizations throughout the UAE as a self-employed company and grants you access to the free zone’s commercial space.

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If you’re looking to acquire a freelance visa in UAE and work independently, our Professional Visa Consultants will assist you to acquire a freelance visa within the least time in UAE. So contact us today and start earning in an ideal business environment right away!

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